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It was a beautiful planet. It was a beautiful hometown for many.

But soon, its name will be forgotten. Remembered only by few who will survive the catastrophe that will soon befall the planet.

The green lush landscape had been turned into warzone where landmine filled every little step which people used to walk in. Flowers on every corner of gardens used to honor the fallen soul in the battlefield. The house where family resided had become ruins where a soulless children hold on to their doll tightly.

When the war ended, people realized that no side was actually win. Everyone suffered with the terror that the war brought. There was no hope left in this planet. Then, they looked at the stars.

Billions and billions of bright little dot twinkling in the eternal darkness.

Everyone had no choice. Their life at this planet will end here.

Everyone had learned their lesson in the hard way.

The plan to build a spaceship had become the plan for finding new hope. Maybe, they will find a new home among the twinkling light in the darkness. Maybe, they can start anew, or so they think, but nothing is dark by nature, yet what has been tainted will never come clean anymore.

It was up to them to find a new home in a sea of billions sparkling light.

Their journey will mark a new page in the history of their people.

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